Saturday, May 16, 2009

Inside the SF Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale

PHEW!  What a morning.  That's all I can say.  I don't think RM's team was prepared for the mass of [mostly] girls planning to swarm on the limited amount of purses provided.  From reading the forums, it appears that the NY & LA Sample Sales got much more merchandise.  No one was prepared for the craziness of SF.  Here are some pics, so you get the full idea :)  I did walk away with 2 cute finds though!  XO

The entrance to the RF sample sale - no signs, haha!

The inside.

I think about 15 minutes in, the tables were cleared out and the line was about 80 people long!

Sample Sale price list Spring 2009.  (For comparison, the "Nikki Leather" retails for $595, and was at the SS for $350).

Newest Addition to my purse collection: "Rose" Purse in Peacock & "Cory" Coin Purse in Yellow Ostrich!

"Cory" coin purse in Yellow Ostrich.

"Rose" purse in Peacock.

Black and White floral lining of "Rose" purse.  Love it.

Rebecca Minkoff signed the inside of my "Stud Devote" Tote!!

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