Friday, August 28, 2009

It's FAUX B****H!

Something about watching the Rachel Zoe show makes me want to wear a FAUX fur vest. Yes it seems slightly sacrilegious, but it's fake, so that can't be all that bad. No, NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE would I ever consider wearing real fur. Gross. Dead animal skin/hair on me - NO THANKS, I'll pass. But Juicy Couture has made some lovely to-die-for (get it?) FAUX-fur vests for Fall. And thanks to watching Rachel Zoe [Wearing real fur might I add!!! Boo on that!] with her numerous fur vest ensembles, I want to layer up with one of these FAUX ones over a fitted long-sleeve tee.
Can it be "boot-weather" yet?

Juicy Couture Hooded Faux Fur Vest ($278)
Juicy Couture Faux "Coyote" Fur Vest ($298)

P.S. Did I mention wearing REAL fur is gross.

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