Thursday, April 9, 2009

Loved Destroyed

Have I told you lately...that I love Current/Elliot's "Boyfriend" jeans. What's not to love? They are comfy (you can thank the boy-like fit for that). The denim is super soft. They have that already-broken-in-these-are-my-favorite-jeans-to-wear type of feel, right off the rack. I love the "destroyed" version of them. Yes, many of you (including my guy) would scoff at the thought of paying for ALREADY destroyed denim ("couldn't you just do that yourself?"). You could do it at home, but just think of it as an embellishment. You wouldn't try to sew colored thread into the pockets of your 7 Jeans to get the limited edition pink stitching...would you? OK then - hehe. Let's just all agree that we don't paying for jeans that have already been worn-in for us. Another bonus of this style from Current/Elliot...they run big. We all love that right? Getting to buy 2 sizes down :) They even make a Size 23 (which normally would only fit a 14-year old). You can dress them up or down too. Today I'm wearing mine with silver Tory Burch ballet flats. But I love them with a black kitten heel (a la Sarah Michelle Gellar) or a cute colored flip flop for spring. These jeans are flying off the racks at a startling rate, most likely thanks to most of the celebrities sporting them around LA. Your best bet is to search for them online. My favorite "color" in them..."LOVED DESTROYED."

A few websites that carry Current/Elliot "Boyfriend" Jeans:
Shop Divine

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