Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rebecca Minkoff

Loved by celebrities and fashionistas alike, Rebecca Minkoff's handbags and wallets are to die for! As a 26 year old designer, she has made her name known with fashionable handbags, with just a little edge. I have a few of her bags, and whenever I am carrying one of them, I always get comments: "who makes that purse?", "oh I love that purse", "your purse has such a cool design". And so, I now share with you a few of my fav's from her collections...

[My bag of the moment] "Stud Devote" in Black

"Nikki" in Cream

"Neon Rendezvous" in Smooth Black Patent Leather

[LOVE THIS!] "Paper / Plastic" Wallet in Nautical Blue


  1. would love to see some more of your purse collection! =) --YT

  2. Thanks for reading YT! Please become a follower of the blog :) I will definitely post more purse pics soon!!