Friday, March 13, 2009

Classic Blazer with a Twist

A few reality TV celebrities have been seen sporting this Alice + Olivia Sateen Rolled-Sleeve Blazer around town (such as Lauren Conrad and Olivia Palermo). It is a definite must-have. Hence...I have it :) The price is up there, but you have to think of investment value...meaning is this something you'll only wear once or twice (NO), is this something you'll be able to wear past one or two seasons (YES).

It's perfect to wear over dresses, and at the same time you can wear it to dress up jeans. A good blazer (that doesn't look like something your Mom wore in the 80's or 90's) is always a good thing to have. A blazer is a great way to make whatever you're wearing look classy. Also, it's great to wear over a dress when you'd rather not wear a bulky coat or a sweater. I love the subtle detailing on this one. The cuffs are pinstriped, as well as the lining. Such a cute detail that makes the classic black blazer not look so boring. It's great for wearing to work or a night out. Alice + Olivia's clothing is made of really nice [quality] materials and this is something that will be in your closet forever. In style, but not too trendy.


If you're not loving the price tag on the Alice + Olivia one, Wet Seal makes a similar knock-off for only $38.50. The style and fit is a little different, but the overall look remains the same...

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