Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break, Without Breaking the Bank

Here are some fashionable items at recessionista prices, to ensure that you can travel on your spring break or vacation in style, and have some money to actually spend while you're there. Isn't that the whole point of vacation, to be able to splurge a little. Well with these items, you'll feel like you got the best of both worlds. Everything is priced inexpensively and at the same time you'll be able to use the spare cash to splurge on some souvenirs.
Or just a HUGE pina colada.

(From Top to Bottom)
- Forever21 F7713 Sunglasses ($5.80)
- Forever21 "Micha" Elastic Bracelet ($6.80)
- Forever21 "Braid Strap" Maxi Dress ($24.80)
- Old Navy "Cheetah Print" Beach Towel ($12.50)
- Forever21 Vintage "Flower Field" Scarf ($7.80)
- Havaianas "Top" Sandal ($18.00)
- Old Navy "Gradient Blue Stripe" Halter Bikini Top ($15.00)
- Old Navy "Clear Green" Bikini Bottoms ($15.00)
- Tori Spelling "Feather Station" 18-inch Necklace ($20.97)
- Old Navy Lightweight Two-Tone Scarf in "Kiwi Kiss" ($12.50)
- Old Navy French Terry Drawstring Shorts ($10.00)
- Victoria's Secret PINK "LOVE" Lounger Hoodie ($34.50)
- Forever21 "Teardrop Shell" Earrings ($3.80)
- Forever21 "Sunglasses" Sleep Mask ($5.80)
- Abercrombie & Fitch "Mandy" Blue Striped Tote ($39.90)

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