Sunday, March 15, 2009


At the suggestion of one of my best friends, I've decided to write a post on the BEST underwear there is.  It may seem like an odd topic, and for those of you not familiar with Hanky Panky's, you may be wondering how this can really be the best.  Well, IT IS.  These thongs are the most comfortable ones you'll ever wear.  Trust me.  I used to work in a lingerie boutique, so I've tried just about every brand of undergarment there is.

[As quoted from the Hanky Panky website]
"Hanky Panky has set a new standard for thongs.  In a front-page Wallstreeet Journal article about them, Hanky Panky's thongs were described as "lace butter" and leading fashion magazines and celebrities extol their revolutionary comfort and beauty."

"Feel how comfortable sexy can be!"TM

So true.  I prefer the low-rise thongs.  Those are their top seller.  (They do have an "original rise" in the thong as well).  They come in too many colors and patterns to count.  They are a good investment.  If you don't believe me, just go out and buy one pair.  Wear them.  You will love them.  Your guy will love them too.  Do not fear the thong panty any longer.  Honestly, they are comfortable.  They don't give you that terribly uncomfortable butt-floss effect.  You don't even notice them.  They don't squeeze your hips uncomfortably.  The lace lies completely flat.  Bonus - with these thongs you don't have the dreaded VPL ("visible panty line").  If you're friends with me, I've probably gifted you a pair of these at some point or another.  Perhaps more than one pair.  But now you love them too, right?

You can get this adorable 2-pack of HP's at Nordstrom on sale for $23.90.  Nordstrom also recently started carrying the cutest bridal Hanky Pankys.  For your "something BLUE", here is a light blue Hanky Panky Low-Rise thong with the word "Bride" written in crystals.

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