Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What's in your [MAKEUP] Bag??

I am particular about my makeup. I find something I like, and I stick with it. This isn't to say I haven't tried out a lot of brands, but here are the winners in my book! I keep seeing magazines like InStyle giving out their "Best-Of" for makeup, but don't we all wonder, how much those companies pay them to say that their product is the best??? With my picks, you can rest assured no one paid me to say these are the best. These are everyday tested :)

Queen Vee's Makeup Picks:

Best Powder: YoungBlood Pressed Mineral Foundation

*Lovers of "Bare Essentials" - I will convert you! This is sooo much better (and easier to apply).

I'm not a fan of having to take lessons on how to apply my makeup (i.e. watching a free enclosed DVD). Makeup should be simple, not cake-y, but should do the job you want it to. The YoungBlood foundation isn't heavy, but does a great and even coverage. It is still a mineral base, so better for your skin than say MAC powder (ladies, don't use that!). YB Powder is dermatologist recommended, which is probably why it's hard to find. I order mine offline from here, but you can search on their website and find a skincare place near you as well.

Best Concealer: Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer

If you've got dark circles, if you've ever had dark circles, you want this. It's yellow-based, which is best for covering those up (that's a little tip for you whenever you're looking for a concealer). It's enriched with Vitamin E, so it moisturizes and doesn't give that dry dull look. A little around the eyes by itself really opens your eyes and brightens them.

Best Powder Setter & Makeup Base Face Spritz: Epicuren Protein Mist
A hydrating, enzyme-reactivating mist. Refreshing, moisturizing, and GREAT for your skin! I use it to set my mineral powder as well. All you need is a few quick mists. No need to douse the face :)

Best Moisturizer/Face Cream: Bobbi Brown Vitamin-Enriched Face Base
This stuff is creamy, but not super thick. It goes great on your skin by itself, or under your makeup in the morning. It never feels like it's clogging my skin (which a lot of the heavy creams do). Bonus - it smells amazing!

Best Blush:
[TIE] Nars (in "Orgasm") or Bobbi Brown (in "Tawny")
The Nars one is great for the evening or a night out because it has a little shimmer in it (we're not talking disco here though ladies, just a hint of sparkle). The Bobbi Brown blush is great every day blush, just to add a little color. It has a very natural tone to it. Of course, not everyone can wear these colors, but there are other options from these brands :)

Best Eyeliner: MAC Fluidline in "Blacktrack"
I'm not a fan of the pencil eyeliner. It reminds me of high school and Maybeline, and more often than not it is smudged after less than 1 hour of wear. Fluid eyeliners stay put better and you have more control over how thick of a line you want. This MAC one does the trick. Apply it with an eyeliner brush (read on for my brush favs). Stays all day or all night and won't smudge unless you're rubbing your eyes. Not exactly waterproof, but that means it comes off without you having to scrub it off of your eyes for 10 minutes.
*Runner Up: For touch-ups on-the-go, I'd recommend YSL's "Automatic Eyeliner."

Best Eyeshadow:
[TIE] Bobbi Brown or Nars
These 2 companies make the best eyeshadow by far. You can never have too many different colors of eyeshadow, just like you can never have too many different shoes (something to remember). The great thing about the Nars ones is you can get the duo palettes, which is like a 2-for-1 :)
*Runner Up: Laura Mercier Sateen Eye Colour

Best Lip Balm:
La Mer "The Lip Balm"
Yes this is expensive ($45), but wowwie it's amazing. It doesn't dry out your lips and you don't find yourself having to constantly reapply every 15 minutes. It has a hint of mint which is refreshing and soothing. Made with "Creme de la Mer's Miracle Broth," as well as vitamins and botanicals. A-mazing.
*Runner Up: Smith's Original Rosebud Salve (a great does-everything salve).

Best Lip Gloss:
YSL "Golden Gloss"
Comes in a bunch of colors. These have a great shine to them and little golden sparkles.

Best Eyelash Curler:
Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
The best. Hands down. 'Nuf said.

Best Mascara: DiorShow Mascara
We already went over this (hehe), but in case you didn't get how great this mascara is the first time, let's reiterate. This is the best. It plumps up even the finest lashes. It doesn't clump, doesn't irritate, and is long lasting. They make a waterproof version, but as most waterproof mascaras are, it is impossible to scrub it off. This one intensifies your lashes, giving you that ultra-glam look. Ooooo la la!

Best Eye Brightener:
Laura Mercier "Secret Brightening Powder"
Sometimes tired eyes need a little extra oomph. This will give you that. It gives an almost-invisible lightening boost. So you can't even see it once it's applied. It'll be our little secret.

Best Brushes:
Laura Mercier
For applying all these items, you need good tools. You wouldn't try to hammer a nail using a plastic hammer, right. Same goes for here. Don't use cheap brushes. I know it sounds snobby, or bourgeoisie, but it REALLY makes a difference. If anything just buy one really good face brush. An all-around one. You'll notice the difference, and then you'll end up getting more of them. Most of all ladies, don't ever use that little applicator that comes in some of those eyeshadows. Get rid of those, a brush is always better. Preferably an LM one ;P
*Runners Up: Smashbox & Bobbi Brown

Best (aka "Cutest") Makeup Bag:
Benefit's "Lana" Makeup Bag
You gotta have somewhere to put all that makeup! Sure, there are a million makeup bags out there, so how can this really be the best? Well it can't necessarily be, but I think it's pretty darn cute if I do say so myself. Plus it's roomy. You can dump all your essentials in there and be ready to travel. Additionally it's great to store shadows in, to keep them all in one place. The inner flap even has a place for brushes.

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  1. I'm so excited about this post! I literally just ran out of concealer so I'm going to try yours. I currently use the Epicuren mist as a toner under my moisturizer but never thought to use it to "seal" my makeup. Thank you!