Saturday, March 28, 2009

Old Bag, New Love?

Gucci and I have always had a love-hate relationship.  I'm a fan of their classic handbags, and not so much a fan of their trendy items, especially of late.  There is one Gucci hobo (seen below), that I've always had my eye on, yet never purchased.  It is one of their classic collection, and available in the black GG logo fabric or the ebony/beige GG logo fabric.  The hobo also comes in a smaller "medium" size, but I prefer a large purse whenever possible :)  This bag measures 18.8" long and 15" high.  It has an inside pocket and an overlapping flap closure.  The detailing on the strap is what really makes the bag.  It is hardware in the shape of a horse-bit.  What I like about the bag, is that though it is monogrammed fabric, it is not overly tacky.  A stylish, everyday bag, it is perfect to wear with jeans and white top.  It can transition to the night as well, though some may prefer the medium size instead for this since, it is slightly oversized for bar-hopping.
Love it.

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