Friday, March 20, 2009

Have Louis, Will Travel...

There is something so alluring about Louis Vuitton luggage. For years it has been a staple of the jet-set elite. Perhaps it's that aura of fabulousness that it brings to one's travel. It is luggage to be looked at, not luggage to be flung carelessly on the conveyor by the airport personnel. One should always revel in it's beauty, or more so in its timelessness. Sure, LV luggage is quite the investment piece. Most of the items start at around $1000 and go up from there. But this is an investment that you will never grow tired of. The classic print of the Signature Monogram is the standard choice for those selecting Louis luggage. It is the most recognizable, the most iconic, and the most distinct. The classic Monogram collection has many different shapes and sizes of travel items: everything from garment bags, to steamer trunks (though the latter will cost you the same amount as a new car). I recall reading an article where an well-know actress was saying that her first splurge was Louis Vuitton luggage, saying, "when I was able to purchase Louis Vuitton luggage, I knew I'd made it." For the rest of us, perhaps there is also that security in the purchase. That feeling that you are able to have something special. Something others will know is special. Or's just because it's a Louis :)

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